Learn why designers and developers around the world choose SLIDEHIDE as their preferred cavity door
Reliability Delivered components and materials to the factory undergo a quality control check for defects and quality. Furthermore, the interconnected parts that form the cavity wall system has been carefully and thoroughly analyzed and then prototype-tested during the product design stage to ensure that the interconnected parts do not weaken or deform during the rough handling by transporters or installers and during the working life of the product.
Quality SLIDEHIDE Cavity casing is produced using the latest technology, tools and machineries. To ensure every end product quality such as dimensions are accurate and consistent, the factory production line is standardized and every worker is well-trained for the job. A QC system is also in placed before, during and after the production process to inspect the materials/components and the final quality of the product. Finally, every new design is sent to an internationally recognized testing lab for various tests to certify it is fit for its intended application.
Quietness SLIDEHIDE rollers are designed to run quietly and smoothly even when a heavy door panel is hung. Not only that, the Rollers had been tested under international standard to guarantee it meets the most demanding usage. SLIDEHIDE Aluminium Track is intentionally designed to be stronger than other brands in the market so that it doesn’t bend or twist easily.
Flexibility SLIDEHIDE has designs suitable for partition wall (eg. gysum board finish) to brickwall (eg. cement-sand render finish) construction. SLIDEHIDE has different designs to suit various door opening demensions and layout design.
Benefits No more cramped living space
No maintenance required
No more doors hitting furniture
No constraint determining door position
No headache maximizing interior space layout
No parasite and rodent problem