No more obstructive doors

No more obstructive doors

Why stress yourself and and waste precious time and energy trying to design and build from scratch a pocket wall system when there is already a time-tested, reliable and proven product in the market that will surely meet any customer’s demand.

Furthermore, by costing in the longer time taken to construct a pocket wall, overheads and materials involved, it may not be that cheap for all. On top of that, what if the final product may not be to the customer’s satisfaction.

SLIDEHIDE is a factory-assembled pocket or cavity wall frame that will alleviate your worries. Within more than 10 years know-how and constant improvements, SLIDEHIDE has eliminated most, if not all of the workmanship and material quality problems associated with a built-on-site pocket wall system. Also installation of SLIDEHIDE is hassle-free and fast.

SLIDEHIDE pocket frame’s total thickness is below 150mm, including cement-sand render and wall-tile. This thickness can even conceal water pipes, electrical cables, switches and waterproofing material. There is another design meant for dry-wall or partition wall construction whereby the total thickness, including 12mm partition wall board on both sides of the wall, is 110mm.

Designers looking for a product to enhance the aesthetics of an interior or for an ideal solution to solve tight interior spaces or problems with space planning layout, can depend on SLIDEHIDE as it has an extensive range of models and sizes to suit varying design concepts.