Need More Space & Elegance For Your Home?
Ever felt that your typical swing doors are occupying too much space in your home or you could use the extra wall space behind your conventional sliding door?
SLIDEHIDE cavity wall system has been designed to address the ever-present headache for homeowners, architects and interior designers in resolving tight interior space and problems with space planning. With an extensive range of models and sizes to choose from, SLIDEHIDE offers the ideal solution for residential and commercial interiors where smart usage of space and ergornomics are important concerns to their owners.
SLIDEHIDE is a factory assembled pocket wall framing system that hides away the sliding door panel/s within its built-in cavity thereby giving you an effect that the door panel has disappeared into the wall.
SLIDEHIDE cavity wall system consists of prefabricated steel casing with top hung aluminum track system. It eliminates workmanship, material quality and coordination problems associated with a built-on site pocket wall frame. Installation of SLIDEHIDE is hassle free and fast.


What is remarkable about the system is that after installation, cement-sand rendering and wall tiles can be applied directly onto the metal casing surface thereby giving your wall a smooth and flush finish with the brickwall; with a total thickness less than 150mm.
The installed cavity casing can also be waterproofed, electrical switches/cables and water pipes can be fixed directly onto the casing surface before concealing them inside the plaster and wall-tile layer.
SLIDEHIDE cavity wall system has undergone several essential tests by accredited test laboratory in Singapore to ensure the long term quality and reliability. The tests done are :

• Plaster Impact & Shrinkage Cracks
• Wiremesh and Plaster Pull Out
• Rollers and Aluminum Glass Clamp Endurance
• Aluminium Track Deflection

If a wall construction is to be constructed using steel studs and clad with partition board, SLIDEHIDE has a dry wall system specially for partition wall construction. The total thickness, including 12mm partition wall board on both sides of the wall, is 110mm.
SLIDEHIDE has been established in Singapore since 1995. SLIDEHIDE has been used in various projects, such as condomimiums, hotels, offices, hospitals, landed properties and factories in countries, such as Malaysia, Singapore, China, Japan, Dubai, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam & Sri Lanka.